About ELSA Japan

Our Approach

ELSA Japan has been developing computer graphics & multimedia products for more than ten years. Our products include Professional Graphics Hardware & Software, Consumer Graphics Hardware and Multimedia solutions. Focusing on the video & graphics area of computing, we will continue to introduce products that meet the needs of end users.

We believe that one of the most important aspects of our business is to provide strong support. For example, many of our customers are engaged in mission critical work in product engineering. Such customers typically use professional CAD/CAM/DCC applications. To provide such end users with effective support, we actively establish partnerships with ISV (application vendors), computer manufacturer monitor vendors etc. In this way, we always ensure full understanding of the actual environment in which end users use our products, thus providing timely and appropriate services.

As a result of our continuous efforts to produce high quality products and provide strong support, we have held the number one position in the video graphics adapter market in Japan since 2001.

ELSA Japan will continue to provide high-quality products with powerful support to ensure complete customer confidence in the use of our products.

Our Office

Access Map

Location of Headquarters
Mita-UT Building, 3-42-10, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014 Japan
Phone : +81-3-5765-7391
Fax : +81-3-5765-7235
Board of Members
Founder and Executive Chairman TJ Namaritani
President and CEO Makoto Sekoguchi
Executive Vice President Kazuyoshi Naito
Director, Member of the Board Jun Nagai
Operating Officer Shingo Hashikawa
December 26, 1997
Business Operations
Development, sales, and support business of computer peripheral unit.
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