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VRIDGE X100 Quad 8



VRIDGE PCI-Express x16 expansion system that aims x8 PCI-Express lanes for up to four extend slot.

VRIDGE X100 system has independent power supply, this will solve multi-GPU environment problem, such as space , power, number of bus on the motherboard, and cooling. It is possible to build a flexible system to support variety of environment.

Connection with the host PC is using PCI-Express host interface card and PCI-Express extended cable, host interface card is low-profile size compliant, it will use slim and thin type host PC.

* power supply is option.


VRIDGE X100 Features

About PCI-Express interface

  • PCI-Express 1.1 compatible
  • Total 48-lane 2.5Gbps
  • One x16 upstream port
  • Four x8 downstream port
  • Supports PCI specifications power management interface
  • ACPI2.0 support

About PCI-Express switch

  • PCI Express switch ports (one upstream and four downstream)
  • Fully compatible with PCI-Express data link layer, transaction layer and logical protocol layer
  • One virtual channel
  • Eight traffic class
  • Up to 256MB of payload size
  • Legacy PCI INT x emulation support
  • Support ECRC check and generation
  • Support PCI-Express advanced error log
  • 16Gbps throughput
  • Integrated packet memory and VoQs on chip

VRIDGE X100 Quad 8 Overview

VRIDGE X100 Quad 8 system case example

If you try to add on a graphics board for slim size PC, have some problem of limited power, space and cooling, only support some low-profile size graphics boards. There was some problem for typical workstation or PC as well, you do not have enough bus slot, insufficient power supply capacity.

An external PCI-Express expansion ELSA VRIDGE X100 system is adopted for low profile form factor interface card. Slim PC can connect up to four graphics boards via VRIDGE X100 system. It is not affected host PC system power supply because it has independent power unit. So you don’t need to buy new PC, you can add on a graphics board.

If you can take multiple interface cards in the PC, simply replace the cable connection, it is possible to change the extension to the flexible system.



VRIDGE X100 Quad 8 main board

VRIDGE X100 Quad 8 main board have four PCI-Express x16 bus working by x8 mode. Lucid HYDRA 100 switch chip in main board, is flexible PCI-Express chipset to enable high-performance PCI-Express extension.
X16 upstream port is one-lane configuration, the downstream port is x8 high-performance features of the four-lane port.

Users can expand the number of ports for the host system for easy, flexible, and support a variety of system configurations.


*Some bridge or switch chip implemented graphics boards may not recognize or may not boot.
*Some of system BIOS or chipset may have compatibility problem.


VRIDGE X100 host card

PCI-Express x16 host card can install host PC's x16 PCI-Express bus through PCI-Express cable, and connect to ELSA VRIDGE X100 main board.VRIDGE X100 and host system are communicated by PCI-Express x16 with Cable, supported 20Gb/s interactive communication.

By attaching the optional Low Profile bracket option, can be mounted slim PC system environment.


Using 4U rack mount based case design

4U rack mount case can be mounted in a standard rack server.Easy to change the configuration of the inside system, ensuring high maintenance. The front door can be locked.

*rack mount rail sold separately.


Support four double size graphics boards

VRIDGE X100 case support eight bracket slots. Four cards of two slots sized graphics boards can be mounted.It has enough space to install full-size large graphics board.


Mounted two 8cm case fan on the front of case

42.5CFM cooling performance of two 8cm fans mounted on the front of case, brings good stability air flow. Even with multiple high-end graphics boards installed, it brings enough cooling power in the case.

If necessary, two 6cm fan can be expanded on back side of the case.

* 6cm fan is not included.


Supported three 5-inch bays, extended power supply can be installed

You can add on 5-inch bay size accessories such as extended power supply and other types of bays.


Configuration Reference

VRIDGE X100 + NVIDIA Quadro NVS 450 x 4

By using VRIDGE X100, install four boards of NVIDIA Quadro NVS 450, which can support four screen output by one board, up to 16 displays of large-screen desktop environment.

NVIDIA Quadro NVS 450, the virtual desktop function* by 16 displays can also be used as a single screen, multiple displays can be used for digital signage purpose .

*Virtual Desktop feature is only supported with Windows XP.



VRIDGE X100 + NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 x 4

By using VRIDGE X100, install four units of ultra high-end graphics solution NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800, it is possible to build a powerful visual computing graphics systems.


VRIDGE X100 + NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 x 2 + VIXEL V200 x 2

The above system configuration, add VIXEL, you can build an external remote graphics system. In this case, two Quadro FX 5800 cards with two VIXEL H200 host cards, IP network through 3D graphics can be transferred.

VIXEL V200 supports two displays transfer from one graphics board, you can built four displays system through IP transfer.

VIXEL V200 detail information



VRIDGE X100 + NVIDIA Tesla C1060 x 4

By using ELSA VRIDGE X100, install four GPU computing processor board NVIDIA Tesla C1060, you can add the power of supercomputers to standard PC.

VRIDGE X100, can be supported one to four additional boards, you can create flexible system.



Main board specifications

Control chips Lucid HYDRA 100
External connector External PCI-Express x16 connector
Connectors ATX 24-pin power connector
ATX 8-pin power connector
Max power consumption 4W (chip only)
Bus connecter x8 lane PCI-Express x16 slot
Expansion Slot
4 slots
Supported OS Windows XP (32bit / 64bit)
Windows Vista (32bit / 64bit)
Dimensions 223.8mm x 264.2mm (main board only)

Host card specifications

External connector External PCI-Express x16 connector
Bus connection PCI-Express x16 slot
Dimensions 131mm x 69mm x 14mm (host card only)

Case specifications

Dimensions 177mm(H) x 483mm (W) x 429mm (D)
Weight 12kg (main unit only)
Power Supply ATX power supply
Minimum System Configuration PCI-Express main board
PCI-Express host card
PCI-Express cable (1m)
Options PCI Express Cable (2 m)
Low profile bracket
ATX power supply (up to 1250W)

Article Number

Product Name VRIDGE X100 Quad 8



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